School of Architecture


Architectural Design VIII: Steady State Studio

Architecture Design VIII “Steady State Studio” is about no place in particular. That’s one way to describe what in this studio we call “the margin”—sites that are in the gap, leftover, residual, in-between, or otherwise mysterious albeit banal. Recently, the studio focused on marginal sites in order to achieve three primary goals:

1) to scrutinize, explicate, and reimagine the meaning of context in architecture;

2) to study architectural space as not only a technical art but as an arbiter and crafter of human experience and meanings that encompasses more than material and function; and

3) to express both of these ideas and develop design skills by creating architecture in an urban context.

This is a representation-intense studio in which students are pushed to try new techniques, make bold claims, test ideas in strange ways, and infuse their work with an idealism that only the adventurous can muster.