School of Architecture


Edges: Analog + Digital Fabrication

Concentration seminars focus on various topics related to architectural issues. Edges: Analog + Digital Fabrication familiarized students with analog and digital fabrication methods through the investigation of materials, assembly, and tectonics. Students were asked to develop a process or approach to making, to investigate material limitations, and to design with the specifics of each toolset. A series of weekly design projects explored the translation of digital models into physical artifacts through manual and digital fabrication tools. Students explored techniques using a combination of laser-cutting, 3D-printing (ZCorp + ABS), casting (resin + plaster), 3D-scanning (large + small scale), CNC-routing, and CNC-milling. Each design exercise required an assortment of digital and analog processes, post-production skills, and, in most cases, assembly, complemented by the fabrication of display frames or boxes for each assignment, used to exhibit the work at the end of the semester.