Art & Design 2020 LSU Distinguished Communicators

During the May 2020 graduation celebration, eight College of Art & Design graduates received the LSU Distinguished Communicator Medal. LSU Communication across the Curriculum, or CxC honored 44 graduates across six colleges with the medal in 2020.

Recipients of this honor are outstanding writers and speakers, with a strong command of visual literacy and technological communication. They have earned high GPAs in their communication-intensive courses throughout their baccalaureate years, sought 1-1 mentorships with faculty and have built websites that display their communication competencies and professional talents, both in and beyond the classroom.

This distinction is the first of its kind in the nation and is sponsored by CxC, a program founded in 2004 and recognized nationally for its excellence in enhancing learning experiences and improving students’ communication skills across all disciplines.

The 2020 College of Art & Design Distinguished Communicator Medalists are:

Sarah Alexander, Studio Art
Advisor: Luisa Restrepo

Louise Charbonnet, Interior Design
Advisor: Marsha Cuddeback

Madison Harrison, Interior Design
Advisor: Marsha Cuddeback

Chunfeng Lu, Landscape Architecture
Advisor: Bruce Sharky

Kim Nguyen, Interior Design
Advisor: Marsha Cuddeback

Olivia Ott, Studio Art
Advisor: Lynne Baggett

Kelsey Ralph, Interior Design
Advisor: Marsha Cuddeback

Pei Yu,  Architecture
Advisor: Traci Birch