ART 1011 Two-Dimensional Design

In Two-Dimensional Design, foundations students use both traditional and digital media to engage in studio projects concerning visual literacy. Students learn fundamentals of the structure of two-dimensional works of art and practice principles of organization and elements of art—including pattern, rhythm, shape, scale, texture, and color—while learning to pose questions, solve problems, and examine the role of the visual arts in society.

ART 1012 Three-Dimensional Design

The Three-Dimensional Design studio introduces students to the fundamentals of object making in form and space. Students learn to use a variety of materials—such as paper, wood, plaster, and found objects—to engage in projects that explore the relationships between line, spatial organization, surface, mass, volume, and plane.

ART 1847 Drawing Composition

In the foundation drawing studio, students learn the principles of observational and conceptual visualization. Projects offer practice in still-life, landscape, and human figure drawing while placing emphasis on graphic exploration and analysis using line, shape, light, texture, and delineating spatial structure through various manners of representation.