ART 4889 Advanced Figure Drawing

Professor Kelli Scott Kelley’s advanced figure drawing studio borrowed animal specimens from the LSU Museum of Natural History (110 Foster Hall) for their final drawing project. Steven Cardiff and Dr. Frederick Sheldon generously offered a fox, an otter, an owl, a deer head, and a seagull for the students to use to create sets for their figure drawings. The students worked with Professor Kelley to create a dramatic tableau with two live—nude—female models, drapery, dramatic lighting, and the animals. Students made their drawings by working directly from the scene. The juxtaposition of figures and animals offered the students many possibilities for creating interesting artworks. Formal relationships between the figures and animals were considered. Many students created pieces that explored narrative or symbolic meaning implied by the images. The students were thrilled to have the opportunity to work from the complex setup to make creative, original artworks.

ART 1849 Introduction to Painting

Introduction to Painting presents basic studio practice and theory in painting. Students become familiar with traditional and modern materials and terminology by practicing value and color exercises involving simple forms and space.

ART 2879 Figure Drawing II

This course offers continuing practice in life drawing. Studies from the live model focus on graphic representation, structure, and form.

ART 2880 Intermediate Drawing

Intermediate Drawing students build on their drawing skills and make imaginative compositions utilizing the figure, still-life, and landscape forms in color and monochromatic media.

ART 2881 Painting II

Painting II covers studio problems directed toward conceptual approaches in painting. Students are encouraged to consider structure and color in composition. Individual criticism and class discussion are integral to the course.

ART 4800 Senior Project Painting & Drawing

In Senior Project Painting & Drawing, students pursue individualized work with guidance and critique from faculty and peers. The independent nature of this course requires the proposal and execution of a body of work under the direction of a major professor.


ART 8000 Thesis Research: Painting & Drawing

After passing to thesis and selecting a major professor, graduate students enrolled in ART 8000 Thesis Research: Painting & Drawing are expected to write a proposal outlining creative, formal, and research goals for a year-long project focused on a body of work that culminates in a professionally mounted solo exhibition and written thesis about the work.