ART 1762 Sculpture I

This course introduces students to a variety of materials and techniques used in contemporary sculpture. Students explore contemporary and historical concepts and terminology for working in three-dimensional space.

ART 2761 Intermediate Sculpture

This course presents studies in sculpture involving various materials and methods. Projects may include metal fabrication, metal casting, and mixed media.

ART 4741 Special Studies in Sculpture

Special Studies in Sculpture presents the opportunity for advanced studio work in a predetermined area of specialization. Past sections have focused on themes such as kinetic sculpture and site-specific sculpture.


ART 4761 Advanced Sculpture

Advanced Sculpture offers students the opportunity to pursue individualized projects. Students develop a mastery of various materials and methods based on a core sculptural discipline or theme. Past course themes have included public art, installation, advanced foundry techniques, and nature-based art.

ART 4762 Senior Project Sculpture

In Senior Project in Sculpture, students pursue individualized work with guidance and critique from faculty and peers. The independent nature of this course requires the proposal and execution of a sculpture project under the direction of a major professor.

ART 8000 Thesis Research: Sculpture

After passing to thesis and selecting a major professor, graduate students enrolled in ART 8000 Thesis Research: Sculpture are expected to write a proposal outlining creative, formal, and research goals for a year-long project focused on a body of work that culminates in a professionally mounted solo exhibition and written thesis about the work.