School of Art


ART 2381 / ART 4381 Book Arts

In Book Arts, students master bookbinding by hand techniques—including pamphlet, Japanese stab, accordion, Western case, and alternative structures—while honing skills in design and typography. Students practice traditional and experimental approaches to the book, creating innovative pairings of concept and structure. Along with technical demonstrations and studio work, students visit Hill Memorial Library, where they view and handle rare, historic, and fine press books as well as books designed by contemporary book artists from LSU’s Special Collections. Students from a diverse set of disciplines, including creative writing, are welcome to join book arts courses.

ART 2381 Book Arts
 introduces students to the arts of the book. Students learn basic hand bookbinding techniques, such as the pamphlet, Japanese stab, accordion, and Western case structures. An introduction to relief printing and letterpress is provided. Traditional and experimental approaches to the book are explored.

Students in ART 4381 Advanced Book Arts are challenged to develop an individual direction and personal vision for their work. In-depth critiques and scheduled demonstrations in specialized techniques help to foster a sense of purpose and a logical evolution of visual and written work. Students are required to write a proposal outlining their conceptual, technical, and research goals relevant to the concerns of the course; contemporary artists’ books; and the development of a scholarly practice within the field of book arts.