School of Art


ART 2392 / ART 4391 Digital Printmaking

ART 2382 Digital Printmaking offers an overview of digital printmaking practices, blending technological innovations with traditional printing methods. Through a structured series of projects, students work in the digital environment using Photoshop, Lightroom, and Maya, as well as other digital platforms, to generate imagery for their prints. Students work on three individual projects—one each in screen print, photo-lithography, and digital inkjet output—in preparation for a culminating project employing each of the media and technologies introduced in the course.

In ART 4391 Advanced and Alternative Digital Printmaking, students pursue experimental work in various digital print media. Building on the knowledge, skills, and imagery developed in Digital Printmaking, this course focuses on personal explorations in digital media, platform, and print output. This course is best suited to the needs of advanced printmaking and digital art undergraduate students as well as graduate students from photography and graphic design. It may be incorporated into BFA or MFA thesis projects as a corollary to focused research and practice.