ART 2230 Virtual Space

This course offers an introduction to modeling and animation using three-dimensional objects and spaces in a virtual environment.

ART 2544 Letterforms

In this course students are introduced to typography, considering the craft in terms of its history and application with a focus on its use as a communication tool. Through a series of letterform studies and typography projects, students learn how to apply the principles of typography to a variety of design problems.

ART 2552 Color Design

Color Design focuses on the meaning of color and its use as an effective graphic design communication tool.  The history of color from scientific and cultural perspectives is emphasized as well as a thorough applied exploration of the use of color schemes and other color techniques. Students explore the use of color in effective graphic design.

ART 2554 Graphic Design I

In this course, students gain an understanding of the basic elements and principles of visual communication while exploring relationships between form and content to expand on concept and meaning. Through a series of lectures and projects, students learn how to work with realistic graphic design boundaries and processes. Students are encouraged to explore and experiment with media, typography, techniques, and color application when solving problems, acquiring a basic level of familiarity and skill to translate communicative imagery within the digital environment.

ART 2564 Graphic Abstractions

This course is an introduction to fundamental graphic abstraction techniques. Students gain a greater understanding of the role of non-verbal communications in graphic design through series of projects. They learn to move from a drawn image in combination with typographic elements to create logos and symbols.

ART 2879 Figure Drawing II

This course offers continuing practice in life drawing. Studies from the live model focus on graphic representation, structure, and form.

ART 2880 Intermediate Drawing

Intermediate Drawing students build on their drawing skills and make imaginative compositions utilizing the figure, still-life, and landscape forms in color and monochromatic media.

ART 2881 Painting II

Painting II covers studio problems directed toward conceptual approaches in painting. Students are encouraged to consider structure and color in composition. Individual criticism and class discussion are integral to the course.

ART 2996 Intermediate Photography

Intermediate Photography affords students the opportunity to refine and expand photographic skills to make meaningful photographs. The course introduces a variety of new techniques including the use of medium-format cameras, studio lighting, external flash, light meters, advanced black and white printing, color film exposure and processing, and additional presentation/display possibilities. An awareness of contemporary photography and photographic discourses will grow through reading assignments, visual presentations, group discussions, and group critiques. The projects for this course are more thematic to encourage the refinement of your individual artistic interests.


ART 3992 Introduction to Digital Photography

This course introduces students who are already familiar with film-based, wet-lab photography to studio practice in a digital environment. The computer is introduced as a “digital darkroom” to perform darkroom-equivalent photographic operations. The course is divided into four primary areas of focus: color photography, use of the digital camera, computer software applications using Adobe Lightroom, and output through inkjet printing.