College of Art & Design Has Record 19 LSU Distinguished Communicators

During May 2022 Commencement, 70 graduates across eight colleges will receive the LSU Distinguished Communicator Medal. Recipients of this honor are outstanding writers and speakers, with a strong command of visual literacy and technological communication. They have earned high GPAs in their communication-intensive courses throughout their baccalaureate years, sought 1-1 mentorships with faculty and have built websites that display their communication competencies and professional talents, both in and beyond the classroom. LSU Distinguished Communicators also graduate with the LSU Communicator Certificate, launched in Fall 2018. 

To celebrate the accomplishments of these exceptional students, CxC will be hosting a medal ceremony honoring Distinguished Communicators as well as celebrating them through a series of digital posts on social media and 

This distinction is the first of its kind in the nation and is sponsored by LSU Communication across the Curriculum (CxC), a nationally-recognized program for its excellence in enhancing learning experiences and improving students’ communication skills across all disciplines. As of May 2022 Commencement, LSU has awarded 817 graduates with the Distinguished Communicator Medal.


College of Art & Design 2022 Distinguished Communicator Medalists


Nicholas (Nick) Bertucci, Architecture/Honors

Advisor: Kristen Kelsch


Lucy Bui, Architecture

Advisor: Kristen Kelsch


Reilly Burke, Interior Design

Advisor: Marsha Cuddeback


JaNiece Campbell, Studio Art (Digital Art) and Computer Science

Advisor: Hye Yeon Nam


Morgan Curtis, Interior Design

Advisor: Matthew Dunn


Mary (Michaela) Dunkerley-Offor, Interior Design

Advisor: Matthew Dunn


Catherine Fuller, Interior Design

Advisor: Matthew Dunn


Kelly Garrett, Architecture

Advisor: Kristen Kelsch


Michael Howell, Interior Design

Advisor: Julie Elliott


Bryce Humbrecht, Architecture

Advisor: Tara Street


Benito Juarez Jr., Architecture

Advisor: Traci Birch


Kenah Kepper, Interior Design

Advisor: Phillip Tebbutt


Hayden Lake, Architecture

Advisor: Kristen Kelsch


Justin Malcore, Landscape Architecture

Advisor: Haley Blakeman


Nathan McConnell, Architecture

Advisor: Paul Holmquist


Nghi (Zoey) Pham, Interior Design

Advisor: Tracy Burns


Taylor Saxena, Architecture

Advisor: Kristen Kelsch


Samantha Siliezar, Architecture

Advisor: William Hunter


Chad Wilkins, Landscape Architecture

Advisor: Haley Blakeman