Art & Design Students Present at 2019 Discover Day

College of Art & Design students across disciplines presented their scholarly and creative work at LSU Discover Day Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium on April 9, 2019.

Arden McMillin, BFA 2019 candidate with concentrations in digital art and photography, won first place in the Discover Day Juried Art Show for her photography titled “Home and History.” McMillin was awarded the LSU Discover research grant for her photography photography project “Home and History: an investigation into the complexity of small southern towns that never left the Civil War.” Chayse Sampy, BFA candidate with a concentration in painting, won a second place prize in the art show for her drawing “Black Men in America.” Brynn Finney, BFA candidate, won third place for the multimedia piece “Family Tree”, constructed from leaves, wood, and grass. Graphic design student Lindsey Henriques, with faculty mentor art professor Courtney Barr, presented her work titled “Monsters Be Here.”

Interior design students presented their design research projects during the poster session at Discover Day: interior design juniors in professional-in-residence Julie Elliott’s class investigated the impacts of healthcare design, proposing designs for healthcare facilities. BID candidates Gabrielle Guidry and Madison Harrison presented designs for Chrysalis Ambulatory Surgery Center. Hannah Hixson and Kelsey Ralph presented on Whitewater Ambulatory Surgery Center, and Phoenix Montague and Heather McGraw presented their project on the Sana Ambulatory Surgical Center. Caroline Anderson, mentored by instructor Phillip Tebbutt, presented “The Reflection Center: An Overdose Prevention Site.” BID candidates Brianna Beall and Jiwon Kim, mentored by Andrew Baque, presented their design research on Northlake Behavioral Health. Rainey Charbonnet and Bryan Nash presented visual displays of the Blue Ridge Surgery Center, and Emily Chenier, Lauren Kinchen, and Jamie Wilson presented “Healthcare Design.”

Caroline Anderson, BID 2019 candidate, explored the impact of a new typology to address issues of opiod addiction, with faculty advisor Phillip Tebbutt. Nancy Beteta, BID 2019 candidate, investigated sustainable design and resilience in a fragile coastal community.

An art history undergraduate student panel presented their research at LSU Discover Day 2019: student panelists Cameron Emamdjomeh, Madelaine Kobe, and Meredyth Yorek presented their art history research, moderated by art history professor Darius Spieth and juror Prof. Paolo Coen, a guest lecturer from Università degli Studi di Teramo in Italy.

Madelaine Kobe, BFA and BA 2020 candidate, presented her research investigating the 20th century painter Marcelle Ackein.

“Knowledge regarding orientalist painter Marcelle Ackein is limited and appreciation of her accomplishments sparse. This being said, Ackein’s revolutionary attempts of combining modernist formal thinking with orientalist subject matter demand to be acknowledged,” Kobe said. “This research proposes Marcelle Ackein’s contrasting approaches to painting in comparison to other orientalist painters of the interwar period. By applying the stylistic principles of the Cubist, Italian Futurist, and the Bauhaus movements, Ackein treated her subject matter in an entirely unique way. Ackein successfully brought together modern ideas of composition and African culture. Marcelle Ackein rejected the tame in art.”

Kobe is a studio art and art history major working towards a career in painting and research. Her current research interests include examining the works of Marcelle Ackein and other European Artists of the Interwar period (1918-1939). After graduating, she plans to pursue an MFA in painting.

Cameron Emamdjomeh, a psychology and art history 2019 candidate in the Roger Ogden Honors College, presented his research titled, “Boating Scenes of Impressionist Artists Gustave Caillebotte and Auguste Renoir.”

His honors thesis is titled: “Allegory of Smell in the Eighteenth Century France,” exploring the role of hygiene during the period. After graduating he plans on going to pursue a graduate degree in art history.

Meredyth Yorek, BFA 2021 candidate with a concentration in digital art, presented her research on George Hoyningen Huene, was a famous fashion photographer during the 1920s and ’30s.

“Huene was one of the pioneers for modern fashion photography in the commercial industry,” she said. “He worked for Vogue, and became the head photographer for French vogue in the ’30s. At the time most fashion photography was constrained to the studio. Huene wanted to depict the modern woman in her everyday life, with photography, while also keeping a classical, and modern aspect to the woman. Huene focused on light, shadow, and simplicity to sell the look of the modern woman to the public. He had a lasting impact on modern fashion photography as we know it today.”

Yorek’s current research interest include fashion photography in art. After graduating, she plans on pursuing a master’s in business.

“Discover Day was a great opportunity for the art history students to present their research efforts to their classmates and the LSU community,” said Professor Spieth, the faculty mentor for the students’ projects.

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