CxC Names 2024 Distinguished Communicators

College of Art & Design Student Winners of the LSU Distinguished Communicator Award

Francis Dinh

Francis Dinh, Architecture*
Minors: Journalism, Architectural History
Hometown: Baton Rouge, La.
Advisor: William Hunter

Francis wants to build on the moon. His Honors College thesis imagined what beautiful architecture might look like for a lunar context. In addition to his work with architecture, Francis is also a passionate photographer and worked for The Reveille as a photojournalist, and his favorite moment was getting Aleah Finnegan’s autograph on his sketch of the PMAC. His advisor says, “Francis has been a highly engaged and dedicated student within the School of Architecture. His leadership, broad disciplinary interests, and evolving stylistic affinity will serve him well as he transitions to the professional world.” While at LSU, Francis earned the Certificate in Classical Architecture and the LSU School of Architecture Faculty Design Academic Achievement Award.


Maddie Fitzmorris

Madeleine Fitzmorris, Art (Graphic Design)
Hometown: New Orleans, La.
Advisor: Richard Doubleday

Maddie’s advisor describes her as “exceptionally astute, industrious, and persistent,” and notes that “she is particularly adept at conceptual thinking, a hand-drawn approach and singular artisanship, as well as inventing and exposing new ideas within her work.” Maddie’s love of art extends to her decorating sensibilities, too. She says that when she finds a new piece of art, book, or DVD to collect, she feels like an adventurer decorating her cave. She loved working for The Reveille, especially because of working with people who are very passionate about the work they put out in the world. Maddie is currently looking for a position in graphic design or advertising and marketing, and hopes to be part of the art and museum culture in New Orleans.


Jonah Foster

Jonah Foster, Landscape Architecture*
MInor: Digital Media Arts & Engineering
Hometown: Baton Rouge, La.
Advisor: Haley Blakeman

Jonah is the founder of the LSU Disc Golf team and can bend his thumbs back 90 degrees (no word on whether this helps his throwing success). His advisor says, “it has been a delight to watch Jonah grow into a capable, talented designer and communicator,” and appreciates that he often shares those skills with his classmates. He enjoys flying drones around all the places he travels, and he is proud to have maintained a 4.0 GPA along with his many extracurricular activities. Jonah’s favorite internship was with OJB Landscaping in Solana Beach, California, where he will be taking a position as a designer after graduation. 


Victoria Lopez

Victoria Lopez, Architecture**
Hometown: San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Advisor: Annicia Streete

Victoria Lopez describes themself as “a very curious person with undeterred focus” who will dedicate their time to learning as much as possible about anything that piques their interest. As a recent recipient of the ARCC King Medal in architectural research, their curiosity and love of research has paid off. Their Distinguished Communicator faculty advisor, Annicia Streete, praised Victoria’s “dedication and outstanding rigor,” and Victoria was also named to the Metropolis Future 100 class of 2024, which designates the top 100 graduating architecture and interior design students in the United States and Canada. They are currently searching for the perfect job to begin their career after graduation.


Daniel Metzger

Daniel Metzger, Landscape Architecture*
Minor: Fine Art
Hometown: Slidell, La.
Advisor: Brendan Harmon

Daniel is a big believer in using his hands: in addition to his work in landscape architecture design, he crafts in leather, textiles, paper, wood and ceramics! Despite his carpentry hobby, however, he does not have a bed in his room. He made a significant impact by establishing better communication between faculty and students, and he is particularly proud of his Capstone project, “Rockford Station Park.” In addition to his many crafting projects, Daniel also farmed organic vegetables for the Food Pantry. Daniel’s commitment to service is also evident in his plans for his post-graduation work in Lesotho, Africa, where he will teach fourth-graders in rural communities as a part of the Peace Corps.


Giovanni Montrel

Giovanni Montrel, Architecture
Minors: Architectural History, Sculpture
Hometown: New Orleans, La.
Advisor: Sergio Padilla

Giovanni is a multi-instrumentalist who once played in a New Orleans-themed music festival in Moscow, Russia when she was a young child. These days, her hobbies include roller skating, reading, and making crafts. She is passionate about representation in the field of architecture, having served as the Vice President & Communication Director of LSU’s National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS). Through the NOMAS Light a Fire program, Giovanni also visited predominantly Black & minority high schools to talk with students about their potential as future architecture students. Her advisor says, “it’s been a joy to see Giovanni’s growth…her talents and service to the school will be missed.” Giovanni plans to pursue an MBA while she accumulates the experience hours needed to become a licensed architect. 


Meriam Saad Beshara

Meriam Saad Beshara, Architecture
Minors: Architectural History, Construction Management
Hometown: Cairo, Egypt
Advisor: Annicia Streete

Meriam says that she doesn’t believe she has a superpower, but knowing that she’s learned to both design and build a structure seems pretty super to us! As an architecture major with a minor in construction management, Meriam can handle both planning and execution. She has also worked in more than five different departments at LSU–including CxC–and credits her communication skills for her success in each placement. Her advisor praises her “unwavering dedication and rigor,” which is also demonstrated by the fact that she earned Intern of the Year during her time with PCL Construction last summer. She will be returning to PCL Construction to work full-time after graduation. 


Paris Vercher

Paris Vercher, Interior Design
Minor: Entrepreneurship
Hometown: Baton Rouge, La.
Advisor: Philip Tebbutt

Paris’s advisor says she has “sought out and taken every opportunity to travel while in the Design Program, as a way of enriching her education.” This desire has taken Paris from a New York City field trip to study abroad experiences in both Italy and Thailand. Paris is proud to be a first-generation college graduate and her dedication in making her way through an intense workload. She also values the opportunities to get outside the classroom to understand more about herself and the world she found via the Distinguished Communicator program. Paris plans to move to a new state (as yet undecided) to pursue a career in interior design, creative directing, or entrepreneurship.