DDes Candidate Nasrin Iravani Wins 2020 International Integrated Design Camp

Nasrim, patterned background

Nasrin Iravani, DDes Candidate

First year Doctor of Design candidate Nasrin Iravani attended the 2020 International Integrated Design Camp supported by Korea Institute of Design Promotion (IIDC), which was held virtually this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020 camp’s annual theme was “Design Against Pandemic” – tasking participants with the challenge to design solutions for current global concerns.

“My experience of meeting and working with many international design leaders and brilliant fellow students in comparative and intense environments was amazing,” Iravani said. “Also, it was my honor to be selected as one of a few students to speak during the closing ceremony.”

Participating students with various majors and nationalities were assigned to 11 teams, approximately 80 students. Team #9 (Iravani was a team member) was selected as the winner of the camp.

The participants at the IIDC 2020 design camp investigated the political, social, economic, behavioral, and personal changes emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic. The teams at IIDC 2020 proposed designs of products, systems, and services that can effectively help to prevent and end similar catastrophic events.

Digital art professor Hye Yeon Nam recommended Nasrin to participate in this year’s camp. She previously recommended Shei Gothico (BFA 2019) to participate in last year’s camp in Seoul, South Korea in June 2019. “The camp is a great learning opportunity for design students,” Nam said.

Participating students with diverse backgrounds worked in teams under the guidance of professional tutors from global companies and organizations. The teams investigated existing and foreseeable struggles related to the pandemic, and delivered solutions using integrated approaches that may be performed in real life.

Zoom screen of team members with text "Alpacas win the virus!"

2020 International Integrated Design Camp Team 9

Nasrin’s team designed solutions for reopening elementary educational institutions, centering around the theme of alpacas. The proposal included wristbands to monitor students’ health, “smart” digital alpaca stations, and themed visual cues to promote social distancing throughout school spaces.

See project overview.

“My experience of this ten-day online camp was amazing,” Iravani said. “Professor Nam, thank you for encouraging me to attend to this camp which was a great first step of my path here at the College of Art & Design.”