Derick Ostrenko

Derick Ostrenko

Associate Professor

225-578-5411 | 321B Art Building
dostrenko@lsu.edu |

Art/Digital Art BA Stetson University
MFA Rhode Island School of Design

Frederick “Derick” Ostrenko received his MFA in digital media from the Rhode Island School of Design. He holds joint appointments at LSU: he is the program coordinator and associate professor of digital art at the School of Art and a member of the cultural computing research group at the Center for Computation & Technology (CCT). He teaches classes in creative coding, 3D graphics, interactive installation, and video production.

Ostrenko is a media artist and creates physical and virtual systems that examine the intersections of media, culture, and technology. He employs custom hardware and software that use various interfaces such as mobile applications, brain waves, generative visualizations, video processing, animation, and games. His research focuses on pushing art and technology to reveal hidden networks between people by creating structures for innovative forms of expression and discovery.

Most recently Ostrenko has shown his work at venues including the International Symposium of Electronic Art in Albuquerque, New Mexico; New York University and the National Academy in New York City; Fountain Art Fair in Miami and the Polk Museum of Art in Lakeland, Florida; Buffalo Media Resources in New York; the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Montana; and the NWEAMO in San Diego. In conjunction with his artistic practice, Ostrenko has worked professionally in exhibit fabrication, video production, 3D modeling, and web development.


ART 2050 Digital Art I
ART 2220 Moving Image
ART 2230 Virtual Space
ART 4230 Virtual Space & Motion
ART 4240 Wearable Technology
ART 4020 Virtual/Actual Lighting
ART 4020 Interactivity & Art
ART 4560 Interactive Media for Visual Communications
ART 4059 Digital Media Capstone
ART 7250 Digital Art Praxis
ART 7255 Digital Art Seminar
CSC 2700 Programming for Digital Media