Huili Wang

Huili Wang

McCoy Assistant Professor

225-578-8422 | 428 Julian T. White Hall

Interior Design BS Yangzhou University, China
MFA Yangzhou University, China
PhD & MS Texas Tech University

Huili Wang is an assistant professor of interior design at Louisiana State University. She received a Ph.D. and an MS in Interior and Environmental Design from Texas Tech University, and a B.S. in Environmental Design and a MA in Fine Art, from Yangzhou University, China.

Her main research interest is physical work environments, including investigating flexible office design solutions that perform well for multi-generational workforces, and gaining in-depth views on workspaces in the future. Her dissertation was mixed-method research that focused on increasing understanding of how specific workplace design features affect millennial new hires’ transition outcomes, including job satisfaction, job stress, organizational commitment, and turnover intention. In addition, she is an interdisciplinary researcher based on her educational background. She was a key contributor in EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) funded TAB (Technical Assistance to Brownfields) community visioning projects. She collaborated with faculty and students from landscape architecture, architecture, and graphic design to work with Downtown Joplin, MO to prepare a comprehensive visioning plan for the decommissioned Joplin Railroad Depot. Other research projects she was involved in focused on designing learning environments. She gained certification in Designing Early Childhood Outdoor Environments from North Carolina State University and participated in Texas projects as a trained OLE designer.

Her teaching experience includes undergraduate studios and seminars in portfolio design, computer-aided design, hospitality, and learning environment. She believes that employability skills are key for students successful at long-term jobs or careers. Her teaching practice is founded in three concepts: fostering collaborative learning, applied knowledge, and empathetic inclusion.

Research Interests: physical work environments; learning environments; evidence-based design; neurodiversity; inclusion, diversity, equity in the built environment.