Hand Lettering Experts Give Workshops at School of Art

Graphic design students had the opportunity to attend a number of hand lettering workshops this 2017-2018 academic year, to hone their skills.

Graphic artist/designer Peter Bain visited the LSU School of Art to give a lettering workshop for art students, a great opportunity to practice lettering skills. “It was a great pleasure to come to Louisiana State University and lead a hand-lettering workshop for students in the School of Art,” he said.

The students practiced skills including designing and creating hand lettering, and had the opportunity to practice a wide variety of styles.

“The LSU students were motivated, and showed a willingness to approach historical forms from a contemporary standpoint,” said Bain of the workshop experience. “[It was great] having an enthusiastic group. I was very pleased with the results and hope that they continue to engage with letterforms, regardless of medium, in the future.”

Additionally, local Baton Rouge artist Jennifer Hester came to LSU’s School of Art to share her knowledge of hand lettering with the members of GDSA, the Graphic Design Student Association. Jennifer is an established sign artist for Trader Joe’s, and she shares her daily hand lettered quotes and signs on her Instagram (

“Through her class, she taught what makes hand lettering different from calligraphy and typography,” said BFA candidate Angel Chang. “She also showed the members how to properly hold a pen to make different strokes and how she goes about laying out a design before starting the actual inking of her creation. GDSA was very grateful Jennifer was able to share her experience as a hand letterer!”

“These were excellent opportunities for art students to learn from experts in these areas,” said Lynne Baggett, graphic design professor.

“These workshops were so appreciated – it’s been extra special,” said Meghan Saas.