Interior Design Students Design for the Louisiana School for the Deaf

Interior design students in associate professor of practice Julie Elliott’s ID 2776 ID Human Factors class worked with the Louisiana School for the Deaf to design facility improvements to enhance the school. The students worked on wayfinding, re-designing teacher workrooms, and painting a colorful mural in the hallway to transform the common space.

“What we teach here at LSU School of Interior Design is a holistic approach to interior design,” said Elliott. “It’s not just the materials and the finishes that we specify and select. It goes well beyond that. Our goal is to really have a more meaningful impact on the interior environments that we design, and what that means is designing for that human element, so people can be influenced by the designs that we develop.”

ID 2776 ID Human Factors explores the interaction of people and the interior environment, and theories, principles, and methods for optimizing human wellbeing and performance. This course emphasizes the study of ergonomics and anthropometrics, proxemics, universal design, design needs of special populations, human diversity, and wayfinding.

“Such as any major such as healthcare, you want to make people feel good, but with interior design you’re making them feel good based on their environment,” said BID candidate Grace Roberto. “We’re really focused on people’s health and wellbeing and how you can influence that through the space that they’re in,” she said.


The LSU School of Interior Design has also worked with local and regional hospitals, and organizations such as the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge. Watch video.