Department of Interior Design


Interior Design Studio I

Interior Design Studio I is the first of six sequential interior design studio classes that form the foundation of the interior design curriculum. ID 2750 introduces students to the design process, elements of design applied to interior environments, manipulation of form and space, and visual and oral communication. Students have the opportunity to explore the qualities and characteristics of interior form, spatial narrative, and habitable space; apply elements for organizing space, including texture, threshold, light, sequence, plane, and object; experiment with graphic- and model-making skills as tools to investigate and represent design problems and solutions; explore creative problem-solving and generate multiple solutions that support human aspirations in the interior environment; expand their design vocabulary and develop communication skills through experience in desk critiques, peer review, and informal and formal presentations of project work. This is a certified Communication-Intensive (C-I) course, which meets all of the requirements set forth by LSU’s Communication across the Curriculum program.