Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture


LA 3001 Landscape Design III: Calumet Crossing

Landscape Design III is the third-year landscape architecture studio in the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture program at LSU. The fall 2015 studio explored site design strategies for a wildlife crossing in Calumet, Louisiana. In response to the fatalities resulting from wildlife-vehicular collisions, underpasses and overpasses have been designed and constructed to varying degrees of success. The studio included a field trip to Banff, Alberta, Canada—home to the most iconic  wildlife crossings in the world—and off-campus travel to project sites in order to conduct a range of fieldwork associated with data collection and on-site observation. As design competitions are an increasingly important facet of contemporary landscape architectural practice, this studio followed the structure of the 2010 ARC International Wildlife Crossing Infrastructure Design Competition. Focusing on the site design for a segment of Louisiana Highway 90 near Calumet, where Louisiana black bears are routinely hit by vehicles, students were required to construct a project narrative and visual communication strategy in keeping with the ARC competition brief. They were asked not only to design the crossing itself but also develop a didactic strategy that advances ecological awareness at both local and community scales.

Sweetbear Sugar: The Use of Sugarcane Production for Wildlife Conservancy

by Hagan Doyle, Aidan Gallaugher, and Seth Winkler