Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture


LA 7031 Graduate Landscape Design III: Stormwater Management (Fall 2016)

Through a progressive series of interrelated weekly readings, lectures, design exercises, field trips, and guest lectures, students in Marie M. Bickham Chair Kathleen Bogaski’s fall 2016 graduate landscape design studio explored water systems management , with an emphasis on stormwater management in arid environments using a real project with the Water Conservation Authority (WCA) in Los Angeles County as the primary focus of their work throughout the course.

Through the study of stormwater management principles and components, best management practices in managing and utilizing stormwater as a resource, and environmental equity, students were introduced to the challenges and opportunities of water system management at both the watershed and site scale. Students explored issues related specifically to urban environments, green infrastructure development, retrofit and a variety of crucial issues such as growing potable water demand, flooding, aquifer depletion, drought conditions, and water quality in arid environments.