LPB features LSU graphic designs

Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) is publicly featuring a campaign designed by graphic design students in a course taught by professor Lynne Baggett and instructor Luisa Restrepo. The students worked to create a campaign with the concept “Be a Friend: 20,000 Friends for 2020” to reflect LPB’s values, incorporating Louisiana iconography in a playful and eye-catching way.

The LSU Integrated Communications service-learning class works collaborates with community partners seeking a new look for their communication efforts. Examples include flyers, promotional materials, advertising of all kinds, letterheads, packaging, displays, signage, logos, web, etc. The idea is to design or redesign several of these items with the same communications strategy.

Community partners meet with graphic design student teams face to face, to familiarize themselves more with the client’s operation and goals. They discuss expectations, organization, and creative ideas. Students conduct extensive research, interviews, analysis, goal-setting for each project.

“The class objective is to provide the students with a real world work experience, in which they work as an agency to build and present a design campaign to meet the needs of clients in the Baton Rouge area (preferably a non-profit),” Professor Baggett said. The project culminates in a final presentation to the clients.

“After meeting with LPB, we were presented with the opportunity to develop a system of marketing collateral to be used in their ambitious membership drive to double their current membership numbers, reaching 20,000 ‘friends’ or supporters by 2020,” graphic design student Stephanie Clavin said.

“It was an excellent opportunity for graphic design students to work with a real-life client, and see their work used in an actual campaign,” Professor Baggett said.

“As a team, we collaborated to develop collateral that was thoughtfully considered and directly influenced by Louisiana Public Broadcasting’s history, mission, and goals,” Stephanie said.

“We gained real-world client experience in addition to practicing time management and collaboration with our fellow classmates.”

Louisiana Public Broadcasting was thrilled to team up with our student LSU Graphic Design team for an ambitious, new campaign to increase LPB’s  membership to 20,000 members by 2020, said Christina Melton, deputy director of LPB.

“We could not have been more impressed by the talent, creativity and professionalism of our team,” she said. “We were so happy with the campaign they created that we launched it statewide, broadcast over the air on LPB’s network of stations, on the web and LPB’s social media platforms, and in print across all of our distribution mediums. We are so proud to support LSU’s Graphic Design program and look forward to collaborating again in the future.”

“Christina and the rest of the LPB team was extremely encouraging and supportive of our work along the way,” Stephanie said. “We were thrilled to hear the feedback we received at the end of the project – seeing our work in action and effective within the community is an opportunity that we are extremely grateful for!”