LSU School of Architecture Students Release Bigger, Better Digital Version of Contexture magazine

The LSU School of Architecture is pleased to release a new, improved and digital version of Contexture, a student-run journal that is published twice a year. In its expanded, electronic form, Contexture has evolved from being a low-key, primarily internal document to a publication that has relevance and significance to the broader architectural community.

“The LSU School of Architecture students have put a tremendous effort into the latest issue of Contexture,” said Jori Erdman, director of the School of Architecture. “As the design editor of the Journal of Architectural Education, I know how difficult it is to put together a journal of this magnitude and the fact that they have done it all themselves is a testament to their commitment and determination.”

The articles contained in the recent issue address many of the most pressing issues that architectural students, educators and professionals face today: sustainability, politics and technological advances in practice and design. The issue’s explanatory subtitle, In Bloom, reflects a student’s development over the course of the fall semester. It is also part of a two-fold generative metaphor that reflects the progress, expansion and budding creativity surrounding students in the School of Architecture.

The goals of Contexture are to promote an understanding and appreciation for architecture, provide students with an organized means to voice their opinions and foster a relationship with the greater LSU and professional communities.

Using digital means as the primary form of distribution will enable the students to achieve those goals. It is also more cost-effective and will allow the content to expand into other forms of media, such as video.

The recent issue was sponsored by Communityworks, Office of Community Design and Development, and the AIAS LSU chapter.

download this issue of Contexture