LSU Supports Moon Mission and Beyond

As NASA launches the Artemis mission which will send a spacecraft into orbit around the moon, LSU prepares for the next critical mission: to train a new generation of space scientists and engineers. 

LSU will produce the first real-time virtual representation of the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, where NASA’s core rockets including the Orion Crew Capsule, the core space launch system and enhanced upper stage were built. The digital twin of the facility will mirror its real-life counterpart and replace the physical trial-and-error approaches with computational data-driven modeling to improve design, reduce cost and improve quality. NASA has awarded LSU $5 million to create a digital twin of the main factory at the Michoud Assembly Facility.

Michoud Assembly Facility “Digital Twin” 

LSU will utilize the same technology used by the entertainment industry. LSU College of Art & Design faculty members Derick Ostrenko and Marc Aubanel, who is also the director of the LSU Digital Media Arts & Engineering program, will lead the construction of the digital environment that will eventually be housed at the Louisiana Space Campus in New Orleans.

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By: Alison Satake