Metropolitan Home Features Home Remodeled by LSU Architecture Professor

A mid-20th-century Southdowns home remodeled by Associate Architecture Professor Jim Sullivan is featured in the November issue of Metropolitan Home magazine.

In an article entitled “Updating a Midcentury Ranch House,” the magazine praises the contemporary makeover that Sullivan and Los Angeles-based designer Susanna Kost gave to the 4,000-square foot home owned by local restaurateur Leah Simone.

“It was a midcentury, modern home that had fallen into disrepair and we were looking to bring it back and highlight its modern qualities, which include horizontal spaces, open floor plan, and connection to the outside,” Sullivan says. “We were also trying to make it contemporary so it wasn’t just a rehash of the old modern style.”

Going with a theme he describes as midcentury-modern-meets-cribs, Sullivan stripped away errant additions to improve the home’s flow and restore its contemporary credibility. Among the features he added that are highlighted in the magazine are new decorative steel screens that separate rooms without sacrificing openness, 65 feet of folding NanaWall doors, brick walls painted bright white, and pearly white terrazzo flooring

Sullivan, who specializes in residential design and teaches beginning design courses to first-year students, spent more than a year on the project. He describes most of his work as contemporary and modern.

“We’re very happy about being featured in Metropolitan Home,” he says. “Leah is very proud of the house, too, and wants people to know the great work we’ve all done and it’s great for Baton Rouge and for LSU.”

To view the magazine article go to: dcentury_ranch_house