Our Day with Clay! University Lab School Kindergarten Class Visits Ceramics


Earlier in April, kindergarten students from the University Lab School—including Dean Tsolakis’s son Max!—visited the ceramics unit at the LSU School of Art.

The field trip began with a fun marionette performance by ceramics students enrolled in ART 2661. The puppets were made for an assignment in which the students were charged to experiment with sound by making ceramic marionettes.

Watch the performance by Kristyn Robe (left), Katherine Key (center), and Rachel Musso (left).

Following the marionette show, Associate Professor Mikey Walsh led the kindergarten class on a tour of the ceramics facilities at LSU, and Assistant Professor Andy Shaw gave a brief wheel-throwing demonstration. Afterwards, the children got their own hands dirty when graduate student Jenny Hager guided them through a hands-on, coil-building, bowl-making exercise.

LSU Ceramics visited by Kgarten WEB

The children were so grateful that the entire class put together a thank-you kit for the ceramics program and student volunteers. Check out a couple of the very cute thank-you notes!



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