Photography Books by Art Professors Thompson & Warwick Released

Kristine Thompson

Professor Kristine Thompson

Associate professor of photography Kristine Thompson recently released the book Images Seen to Images Felt, a collection of work that she has made over the past three years. She was the winner for Antenna’s Louisiana Open Call Award last year, selected by art historian, critic, and writer Anna Mecugni. The open call resulted in a $1500 award, a solo exhibition, and the publication.

Images Seen to Images Felt examines how images of death, violence, and mourning circulate publicly. The works featured engage photographic imagery in a tactile manner in order to question when and how pictures might elicit empathy. The book has an accompanying poetic essay by Muriel Leung.


The book engages issues of circulation and consumption of news photographs depicting tragic, violent events. Thompson salvages news images from the Internet and turns them into photograms by pressing light-sensitive photographic paper onto her laptop screen in the darkroom.

“The resulting ghostly prints seem to be asking our eyes to feel again,” Mecugni asserted. “If the watching eye is the underlying subject of Thompson’s work, it is also literalized in a striking series of photographs, ‘Difficult Things Cannot Be Unseen,’ rendering a single eye, its reflective surface allowing a glimpse into the news image looked at and any emotional resonance that might or might not have generated. With these works Thompson challenges the image saturated culture in which we live, reminding us of our ability to connect, share, and care.”

Thompson also has a recently released collaborative project with Johanna Warwick, assistant professor of photography, called Past & Present Tense.

johanna warwick

Johanna Warwick

Past & Present Tense is a collaboration between Thompson and Warwick. The limited edition risograph book is a reflection on loss and memorialization as experienced on a personal, cultural, and global scale. The photographs, which include those made by the artists to those sourced from personal and public archives, suggest how the past continues to be felt in the present. The book’s structure is based on a call and response between the artists and weaves together images of death, family members, the southern United States, natural and man-made disasters, and the materials we use to collect and remember.

Thompson and Warwick made Past & Present Tense at the University of Missouri with artist and expert printer Travis Shaffer. The print atelier theretherenow recently released and featured the book at the recent BOUND Art Book Fair in Cleveland. It is also be available at the NY Art Book Fair and online.

Thompson’s work is currently on display at the Baton Rouge Gallery exhibition “An Archive of Feelings.” Warwick’s solo exhibition “Monuments to Strangers” is on display at the Holy Family Gallery in Philadelphia, and her new series “The Bottom” debuts at the Glassell Gallery (with Professor Leslie Friedman’s series “There’s Got to be More”,) October 30, 2018.

The professors also coordinated the Society for Photographic Education 2018 South Central Regional Conference “Material + Meaning,” held October 4-6, 2018 at the LSU School of Art.