Professors Lake Douglas and Charles Fryling Elevated to ASLA Fellowship

Lake Douglas and Charles Fryling, two faculty members of the LSU Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture (RRSLA), will be elevated to Fellows of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) in October 2016. Fellowship is among the highest honors ASLA bestows on members, recognizing individuals’ contribution to their profession and society at large as demonstrated by their works, leadership and management, knowledge and service. The new class of fellows will be recognized at the 2016 ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO, to be held October 21–24 in New Orleans.

lake douglasLake Douglas, associate professor of landscape architecture and associate dean of research & development at the LSU College of Art & Design, received his nomination for knowledge, from the Louisiana Chapter of the ASLA.

According to, Douglas’s “expertise in American cultural landscape history—with particular focus on 19th-century agriculture, horticulture and gardening—has resulted most recently in an exploration of the superlative agricultural reformer Thomas Affleck. His governance of peer-reviewed research continues to reveal the development of the profession His critical literary work has provided volumes of new information about evolving environmental awareness, design theories, garden styles, garden workers and horticultural commerce. He has published extensively in academic journals, popular magazines, books and professional publications in America, Europe and Asia, most often with a focus on the intersection of landscape architecture and other disciplines. His long and distinguished career as a meticulous researcher and prolific writer to document American cultural landscape history has advanced profoundly the profession of landscape architecture.”

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Fryling_CharlesProfessor Charles Fryling received his nomination, for service, from the Louisiana Chapter. states that, “through his significant and longstanding volunteer service, [Fryling] has led multiple diverse efforts to preserve and create significant environmental landscapes in Louisiana and neighboring states. His generous pro bono devotion of time and knowledge as a landscape architect in turn have preserved the cultural heritage these landscapes embody. It is evident to all with whom he has worked that his efforts are informed and guided by the professional ethics and stewardship tenets of ASLA. He is a leading spokesman and expert in the protection of the Atchafalaya River, the nation’s largest river basin swamp and the principal distributary of the Mississippi River. He is unique among experts on the Atchafalaya due to his skillful application of the design principles and philosophies of landscape architecture.”

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Douglas and Fryling join three other RRSLA faculty members who have FASLA status: Director and Reich Teaching Professor Mark E. Boyer (2015), Professor Max Conrad (2003), and Professor Bruce Sharky (1990). Douglas, who received his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from LSU, joins the 34 RRSLA alumni who make up 4.2 percent of the 828 current, active, and emeritus member fellows.

The Robert Reich School will celebrate the elevation of Douglas and Fryling to FASLA at the RRSLA Alumni Reception to be held at the Preservation Resource Center, 923 Tchoupatoulas Street, New Orleans, on Friday, October 21, 6–9 p.m.

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