BFA Student Designs Hearts From Home

Brynn FinneyBFA student Brynn Finney, graphic design concentration, is using art to contribute to the Baton Rouge community in an unexpected way.

In the midst of stay-at-home orders and social distancing, the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge invites the community to join in a creative endeavor to support local healthcare workers struggling to help others hit by COVID-19. The Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge launched the Hearts From Home campaign by encouraging the community to display blue hearts on the windows of homes or businesses to let healthcare workers know they are appreciated as they fight the coronavirus on the frontlines.

Finney designed the logo for the Hearts From Home campaign. “When the Arts Council came to me and asked if I could help them with this campaign, I was excited to help show support for healthcare professionals since my mom is a nurse practitioner and is currently working in the hospital!”

Then Finney designed three different hearts with the intention that people could print them out at home and color them in before putting them in their windows. She said it felt great to engage in the creative endeavor while finishing the LSU semester from home, and contribute to her hometown community.

“The goal is for our healthcare workers to see them as they drive by and be encouraged,” Rebecca Rainey with the Arts Council of GBR, said to WBRZ. “Our healthcare workers have asked us to stay home and they are going to work for us and so we want to show our support by putting hearts in our windows so that they know we are home for them.

To increase visibility, the Arts Council has created the hashtag #HeartsFromHomeBR and invites participants to post photos of their windows on social media using this hashtag. This way, even if medical professionals do not see the hearts while they are driving, they will see photos on social media. Finney designed social media posts for them using the Hearts From Home branding, which is being used to spread the uplifting message online.

“It’s important we all stay at home, but it’s nice to show support for those hard at work [virtually] and from our windows!” Finney said.

Check out her senior thesis portfolio online.