ART 4360 Advanced Printmaking

Students in Advanced Printmaking are challenged to develop an individual direction and personal vision for their work. Demonstrations in specialized techniques and in-depth critiques help foster a sense of purpose and a logical evolution of visual work. Students are required to write a proposal that outlines conceptual, technical, and research goals relevant to the concerns of the course, contemporary printmaking, and the development of a print aesthetic.

ART 7600 Graduate Ceramics

This course addresses the studio component of a graduate education while supplementing it with seminar study of a specific theme selected each semester. Working in independent studios, Master of Fine Arts students determine the direction of their work and investigation. Faculty meet regularly with MFA students in critiques aimed at extending creative intentions and increasing the students’ ability to articulate those objectives. Students meet for group critiques at various points throughout the semester. Readings, discussions, and research presentations round out the course.

ART 7500 Graduate Graphic Design

Through critiques combined with research, writing, and discussion of contemporary topics in graphic design, graduate students build a research framework for production of independent and/or team graphic design projects. In addition, students may create materials for professional development, including but not limited to an artist’s statement, teaching philosophy, resume/CV, and professional portfolio.


100 Days by Jeremy Grassman from Richard B. Doubleday on Vimeo.


100 Days by Yvette Creel from Richard B. Doubleday on Vimeo.


Courtney Wilburn Letterform Book from Richard B. Doubleday on Vimeo.

ART 7300 Graduate Printmaking

Students in Graduate Printmaking engage with a professor and their peers in intensive critique and dialogue. Individualized projects and critiques match each student’s ideas and creative work in printmaking. Professional practices and communication skills relevant to the discipline are taught, encouraging students to apply critical and visual thinking to their career path in long-term, meaningful ways. A seminar component of the course allows for rotation of timely topics and contemporary discourse. Informative class assignments develop skills and professional experience, which may include grant and proposal writing; curating and participating in portfolios, conferences, and special events; or working with visiting artists and the community.

ART 8000 Thesis Research: Photography

After passing to thesis and selecting a thesis topic, graduate students enroll in ART 8000 Thesis Research: Photography with the chair of the thesis committee. Students are expected to write an articulate proposal outlining creative, formal, and research goals for the thesis year. This work culminates in a written thesis and a professionally mounted solo exhibition.

ART 8000 Thesis Research: Sculpture

After passing to thesis and selecting a major professor, graduate students enrolled in ART 8000 Thesis Research: Sculpture are expected to write a proposal outlining creative, formal, and research goals for a year-long project focused on a body of work that culminates in a professionally mounted solo exhibition and written thesis about the work.