Behind the Ballot

Behind the Ballot Oct 29 2018

The Behind the Ballot panel discussion “Campaigns by Design: A Look at the Creative Elements That Influence Voter Behavior” was held Monday, October 29th at 9:30 a.m. in the Design Building.

Panelists Lynne Baggett, professor of graphic design, Andrew Kuo, associate professor of marketing, John C. Hamilton Family Developing Scholar & V. Price LeBlanc Professor, and Bob Mann, professor of mass communication, spoke about different aspects of creative elements that influence voter behavior. School of Art director Rod parker moderated the discussion.

Professor Baggett discussed the graphic design elements of recent political campaigns, showing poster designs of various campaign advertising to illustrate the various ways graphic design can influence voter behavior. Topics discussed included recent presidential campaign slogans that appealed to young adult voters, posters designed to remind underrepresented groups to vote, and the process of selecting political logos.

“Design plays an important role in political campaigns, both explicitly and in ways the average voter might not be aware,” she said.

Professor Mann spoke about the evolution of political ads since the 1950s, showing various televised commercials from over the decades. Professor Kuo discussed how marketing research can measure voters’ responses to political campaigns, and help politicans to better target their advertising strategies.

Over the course of the two-day Behind the Ballot symposium, LSU hosted 24 events in 10 different buildings across campus involving over 70 panelists, at least 6 of whom flew in for the event, and welcomed more than 800 participants, who were supported by more than 40 volunteers. More importantly, our students, faculty and staff had the opportunity to come together and appreciate the importance of civic engagement while learning about the value every vote holds.