CoAD CxC Studio Coordinator Anthologized in Best American Experimental Writing 2018

Vincent CellucciAs studio coordinator for the College of Art & Design’s Communication across the Curriculum (CxC) program, Vincent Cellucci conducts writing feedback consultations for students, guiding more than their use of grammar. In addition to his position at CxC and pursuing the Doctorate of Design, Cellucci pens and publishes poetry. This fall his work was anthologized in Wesleyan University Press’ Best American Experimental Writing 2018.

“Writing tutoring is my absolute favorite type of teaching because of the personal scale and it is devoid of grades,” said Cellucci. “Essentially I get to challenge student concepts in the effort to help them strengthen their ideas and refine their articulations.”

Best Experimental Writing 2018According to their website, “the Best American Experimental Writing anthology series annually collects the best experimental writing in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction in a exciting and necessary anthology.”

Cellucci’s poem, “Diamonds in Dystopia,” was a seed text he created for an interdisciplinary collaboration undertook with LSU professors Jesse Allison (School of Music and LSU Center of Computation & Technology) and Derick Ostrenko (School of Art and CCT) to create a poetry performance web application capable of mining large databases of text for interactivity with large audiences to trigger improvisation. With generous support from CCT and their Colleges, the trio performed this piece at TEDxLSU in 2016 and South By Southwest in 2017. They also published a peer-reviewed article detailing the web application’s technology and new media context in a recent article in Media-N, the Journal of the New Media Caucus.

While happy the work and collaboration received recognition within the literary community, Cellucci credits his position for his ability to pursue creative collaborations and poetry publications, and he sees these experiences directly related to his teaching writing to students saying, “We are all peers in the arduous struggle to create meaning and new perspectives.”