CxC’s Sixth annual Digital Media Fest Announces Winners

Image from a CxC Digital Media Fest entry presentation

This truly is the “Digital Age,” as new technology, especially in the realm of digital media, is being developed every day. LSU’s sixth annual Digital Media Fest, sponsored by LSU Communication Across the Curriculum, or CxC, provides students with the opportunity to show off their talent and creativity across multiple formats of this continuously emerging technology.

Students from 27 different majors entered 121 projects in seven categories: art & photography; creative animation; film & video; technical & scientific; informational & promotional; academic/extracurricular gumbo; and the newest category, idea/business plan pitch. The projects ranged from animated shorts to construction designs to an idea for a water desalination device.


Sophomore Andy Thompson, an art major, entered four projects and was a finalist in three categories: creative animation, technical & scientific and informational & promotional. He said a friend encouraged him to enter after participating in the 2011 fest. Three of Thompson’s entries were classwork, while one was something he did in his free time. He called the experience “intimate,” noting that the feedback he received will be very useful to his growth as both a student and an artist.

“It’s so interesting, because it’s a different experience from a class setting,” he explained. “I’m very used to submitting art, but here we got to see everybody present their piece and explain the process of how they developed it. I definitely got some ideas for future work as well.”

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