Internationally Acclaimed Artist and Author Andrew Martin to Visit LSU

Visiting Artist Andrew Martin
3 Day Mold-Making and Slip-Casting Workshop
Wednesday March 17 Friday
March 19, 2010
*free and open to the public

Event Description: During this three‐day workshop, Andrew will demonstrate his intuitive yet practical exploration of how to work with molds beyond the repetition of forms. The investigation will be open‐ended, emphasizing altering castings, sprigging, marbling, and collaging molds for casting, and one‐off versions of base forms, all with in an intimate scale.

He will show his method of designing forms using paper cut outs and templates, how to mix plaster correctly, various ways to approach decorating forms, and give a slide lecture that includes source material, inspirations for his work, and a pictorial sequence of his design process.

His book, The Essential Guide to Mold Making and Slip Casting, has become the standard text on the subject.

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