LSU Hilltop Arboretum Offers Emory Smith Legacy Design Series

Hilltop, a program of the Reich School of Landscape Architecture, celebrates our donor Emory Smith’s legacy focusing on Louisiana native trees and plants and their use in landscape design in four programs this year. Program topics were inspired by Emory Smith’s writings. Stories from Emory’s book will be shared at each program by special friends Bob Dillemuth, June Gonce and Wayne Womack and others who supported his efforts to create the Hilltop Arboretum. Program fees for members $35 and non‐members $40. For additional information call 225‐767‐6916 or email or online at

The first program in the series “Urban Meadows: Gardening with Native Wildflowers and Grasses in South Louisiana” by Marc Pastorek, Owner of Pastorek Habitats, Inc., ( will be held on March 20th from 9am‐12noon. A student and interpreter of the Prairies and Savannas of Louisiana and Mississippi, Mark will be our guest lecturer discussing the native meadow as part of the historical and cultural identity of the Deep South. Woven into the native wildflower‐grassland garden is an intricate assortment of rare plants that are beautiful, diverse and sustainable. An urban meadow can be a simple wildflower and grass arrangement in an existing garden or it can be an authentic representation of the true Louisiana Prairie. The meadow is rhythmic movement in the landscape, catching both light and wind. It requires less maintenance, consumes significantly fewer resources, and is more satisfying than a lawn or a garden border. Bob Dillemuth, member of Friends since its formation and former president, vicepresident and on‐going member of committees since 1990, will talk about Emory’s interesting tree and plant collecting trips to Louisiana native plant sites.

The second program in the series “A Few of My Friends: Emory’s Favorite Plants and Trees Then and Now” by Rick Webb, Owner of Louisiana Growers, ( will be held on May 1st from 9am‐12noon. A long time advocate of native trees and plants for Louisiana home gardeners, Rick will be our guest lecturer discussing the various ways Emory’s favorite trees and plants can be used in garden design. Since Emory first collected and planted his fourteen favorites at Hilltop there have been numerous new varieties that expand the collections for home gardeners today. Wayne Womack, Professor Emeritus Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture, will narrate a video of Emory Smith in which he discusses his favorite plants with “Doc” Robert Reich. June Gonce, founding member of the Friends of Hilltop, will display her own original sketches of Mr. Smith’s favorite plants and trees.

For more information and to register, call 2257676916, email us at or register online at