LSU Professors Launch Digital Media Book for Architects, Landscape Architects and Urban Designers

Digital Drawing for Landscape Architecture book cover Brad Cantrell and Wes Michaels, both assistant professors at the LSU top-ranked Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture, have published a new book about the use of digital media for landscape renderings. Entitled Digital Drawing for Landscape Architecture, the book explores the theory and application of computer visualization techniques to render landscapes, architecture and urban systems.

“I am excited about what this book brings to the profession and how it positions LSU as a creator of digital representation knowledge,” says Elizabeth Mossop, director of the Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture.

Using software such as AutoCAD, Photoshop and Illustrator, the book focuses on methods for creating expressive and engaging drawings and bridges the gap between hand drawing, which designers have used effectively for centuries to communicate their design ideas, and digital media, which is the medium the majority of architects use to draw today. Digital Drawing for Landscape Architecture provides a cutting edge resource for design professionals interested in creating digital representation.

Cantrell and Michaels drew their inspiration for the work from the field of landscape architecture, but the book is written for architects and urban designers as well as landscape architects.

“Architects and urban designers need a resource like this as much as landscape architects,” says Cantrell. “All of the design professions are dealing with landscapes in a new way, and being able to express those ideas is key to making innovative projects.”

The book, published by Wiley Press, is widely available in paperback at online and brick and mortar retailers. For additional information about Digital Drawing for Landscape Architecture contact Wes Michaels, (504)-218-8991 or