Madeline Kornman Named Student Employee of the Year for her Work in CADGIS

Kornman_WEBMadeline Kornman expects to graduate in May of 2015 from the LSU School of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio art and a concentration in digital art. Her dream is to work in VFX (visual effects) for movies, providing such services as modeling, particle creation, and texturing, for example. In the meantime, she is participating in an internship at Incendii in New Orleans and working as a student employee at the Computer-Aided Design and Geographic Information Systems (CADGIS) laboratory at the LSU College of Art & Design.

CADGIS is dedicated to teaching and research in the areas of computer-aided design, image processing, and other computer applications in art, architecture, design, geography, anthropology, interior design, and landscape architecture. The CADGIS lab, located in 216 Design Building, offers printing, scanning, and other computer services geared toward design. The lab also provides programs such as AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, and 3D Studio Viz to assist students.

Madeline has worked at CADGIS for almost four years now. “I can honestly say I love my job,” she said. “The first year was a bit challenging because I set out to learn about the printers independently—due to my major, I thought it best if I learned the ins and outs of the technology.”

Now, Madeline frequently helps students print their projects on a variety of mediums, including transparencies, cotton blends, and, occasionally, even vellum. “I know it sounds lame,” Madeline added, “but this actually helps the college tremendously. We now bring in customers outside of the college.” Besides printing, Madeline also does tech work on printers and computers. “It’s an oddly satisfying feeling when something is broken and I’m able to figure out the problem—it’s almost like a puzzle.”

If Madeline’s job doesn’t sound challenging enough, try visiting CADGIS during finals, when anxious and frustrated students line the halls outside the laboratory door. “We have some crazy stories about people losing their heads in the lab,” Madeline laughed. “Fortunately, once we start helping them, most settle down.”

This April, Madeline received recognition for all her hard work when she was named 2014 Student Employee of the Year by LSU Financial Aid & Scholarships in the Office of Enrollment Management. LSU Student Employee of the Year is awarded annually to a student worker across all disciplines. Each unit or department is able and encouraged to submit excellent student workers who embody a strong work ethic and who have made a significant impact in their work role.

“Student employees are a vital part of college campuses across the nation, and LSU is no exception,” said Amy Marix, associate director of LSU Financial Aid & Scholarships. “LSU employs more than 5,000 students each year. Being a student employee is more than just a job. Student employment provides career-enhancing opportunities, the abilities to develop skills relevant to academic disciplines, and the necessary preparation and assistance for the competitive job market.”

Luke Driskell, manager of CADGIS, nominated Madeline for the award, hopeful that her years of service  would be rewarded. “These awards normally go to seniors,” Driskell said, “so it was a great honor that Madeline, a third-year student, was chosen for the award.”

“Currently, CADGIS is undergoing significant changes and, in the future, may not exist as we now know it,” said Madeline.  The college is working on how to best facilitate the upcoming changes, but in the meantime, Driskell is keeping the printers going with the help of the student workers. “I would love to continue to work with these printers,” said Madeline. “Whatever happens, I know it will be a big change, and I want to be a part of making it all work out.”

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