Meet This Summer’s LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio Interns!

lsu css interns

LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio research fellows and summer 2015 interns

Graduates and undergraduate students from architecture, regional planning, landscape architecture, marine science, civil engineering, and more have come from across the U.S.—and the world!—to work in the LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio(CSS) this summer.

Each summer, CSS, a transdisciplinary program of the College of Art & Design, College of Engineering, and School of the Coast & Environment, hires motivated students for full-time, paid summer internships. Graduate students and upper-level undergraduates from a range of fields collaborate on a variety of projects from visualizations, exhibit design, and design competitions to policy initiatives and communications that address a multitude of environmental challenges faced by vulnerable Gulf Coast communities.

This year, CSS hired 14 interns hailing from right here at LSU to other such prestigious universities as Harvard and the University of California, Berkeley. Each student brings experiences from his or her university, region, community, and discipline, making for a lively dialogue. The interns work in teams on a number of ongoing projects in the studio. Under the direction of CSS’s team of research fellows and Associate Professor Jeff Carney, director of CSS, students are making significant contribution to coastal research and initiatives.

Summer 2015 interns include:

  • Monica Barra, a PhD candidate in anthropology at City University of New York;
  • Jessie Booth and Leandro Couto de Almeida, Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) candidates at Harvard Graduate School of Design (HGSD);
  • Giovanni Coakley, a Bachelor of Architecture candidate at LSU;
  • Chris He, an MLA candidate at University of California, Berkeley;
  • Maureen Jackson, a master’s candidate in community and regional planning at University of Oregon;
  • Matthew Ketterer, a rising senior in civil engineering at LSU;
  • Ran Liu, an MLA candidate at LSU’s Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture;
  • Edward Nichol, master’s candidate of environmental studies/urban ecology and sustainable planning at York University in Toronto, Ontario;
  • Ana Orosco, Master of Architecture (MArch) candidate at the LSU School of Architecture;
  • Madeline Richard, an undergraduate studying renewable natural resources at LSU;
  • Jessamin Straub, third-year undergraduate studying marine science and specializing in marine geology at Coastal Carolina University;
  • Lilian Taylor, MArch candidate at HGSD; and
  • Sean Williams, master’s candidate in environmental science at LSU.

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