LSU Creates Virtual Production Program

New Program for Real-Time Filmmaking with $1.25 Million in Support from Louisiana Economic Development

As Louisiana’s flagship institution, LSU is committed to responding to current and emerging industry needs, particularly in the state’s strategic sectors, such as entertainment. By combining technical and artistic disciplines, LSU has received a $1.25 million investment from Louisiana Economic Development (LED) to accelerate content creation and talent development. The effort will help secure the state’s position in a rapidly changing film and television industry where movies and series increasingly rely on photorealistic gaming technologies for backgrounds and special effects.

“By building an XR studio that plays on the convergence of virtual, mixed, and augmented reality, we can design tailored experiences that immerse its builders, participants, and viewers,” said Derick Ostrenko, digital art professor in the LSU School of Art with a joint appointment in the LSU Center for Computation & Technology. “Using real-time technology for compositing, visualization, and post-production allows for faster iteration and on-set improvisation.”

As graduates of the LSU Virtual Production Program, students will access high-paying careers for artists with real-time 3D skills. The demand for such skills has more than doubled in the past decade and is expected to grow further as Louisiana’s film industry continues to hybridize, merging digital and physical production, gaming, and film.

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