Transformation through Animation

lsu architecture student workArchitectural Techniques (Arch 2003), taught by A. Hays Town Professor Ursula Emery McClure and Adjunct Professor Kristen Kelsch, is an introductory course for second-year undergraduate students and first-year graduate students. For their first project, the students were given a pair of objects and were asked to digitally create the world in which one object transformed into another. The transformations included button to balloon, cypress to mosquito, jack to umbrella, net to water bucket, cotton candy to crystal chandelier, and oyster to dam. Through a series of collage and diagram exercises, the students produced the world in which this transformation could happen, and then brought the world to life using Adobe After Effects to animate their stories of transformation.

On “Judgment Day”—midterm critiques—the videos were premiered in true Hollywood style, and students were awarded “Oscars” in five categories.

Best Film Editing—Monstrosquito by John David Moore

Best Visual Effects—Sailor’s Warning by Marie Garrett

Best Original Score—Tumble and Fall by Sarah Eikrem

Best Director—Repercussion by Mary Stephens Swysgood

Best Picture—UEM EMK by Eva Knapp

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