Collages by LSU Graphic Design History Students Exhibited in China

Associate Professor Richard Doubleday’s graphic design history students designed a series of posters using collage techniques for their final projects. In this form-making exercise, students were asked to embrace “chance creations” exploring various methods of collage, photomontage, and assemblage and a wide range of image-making techniques and mixed media.

Initially, the collages addressed the students’ answers to captivating news stories from The New York Times, BBC, Google news, NPR, PBS, Wikinews, Alternet, The Real News, Reuters, or The Independent. As they were developing their projects, Nanjing University of the Arts extended an invitation for Doubleday’s class to participate in their Cool Words exhibition. Doubleday welcomed the opportunity, and asked his students to stage a two-part sequence of posters by merging their existing collage exercises to fit within the parameters of the Cool Words exhibition’s theme, 400 Years of Legacy: Tang Zianzu Meets William Shakespeare (1564–1616). The exhibition commemorated the 400th anniversary (in 2016) of the two prominent playwrights’ deaths, celebrating the legacy of their separate cultural spheres. The exhibited works reflect the cultural differences and creative techniques of the two playwrights who represent the peaks of Chinese and Western dramatic arts.

“In the professional world of graphic design, challenging problems under tight time constraints often call for unique imagery and efficient solutions,” stated Doubleday. “The project encouraged playing, risk-taking, and experimentation while asking the students to communicate a clear message to their audience.”

The LSU students’ work was on display at Nanjing University of the Arts April 25–May 3, 2017.