College Hosts First Annual Scholarship Reception & Presentation

The LSU College of Art & Design’s first annual scholarship reception and presentation was held September 4, 2014, in the LSU Design Building. The event served as an opportunity to honor this year’s recipients as well as the donors who made the scholarships possible.


In addition to recognizing the 84 scholarship recipients, the presentation served as a means for the donors and students to learn more about one another and the history behind the awards. Parents and families of the students and donors were able to visit the various studios and see the students’ current projects. “It was an event that aimed to bring everyone together and set a context for these awards,” said Director of Development Julie LeFebvre, who planned the event.

The event is something the college plans on continuing as their outreach to students, alumni, and donors increases. “On average, 125 scholarships are awarded each year by the college, and it is important that we continue to honor and engage the students, parents, and donors. For without them, the college would not be able to continue to provide such outstanding opportunities,” said LeFebvre.

The scholarship reception and presentation will be held at the LSU College of Art & Design each fall, going forward. The event recognizes the scholarships established directly through the LSU Foundation for LSU College of Art & Design students. For more information about scholarship opportunities, visit For information about establishing scholarship funds, visit