Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Funds

The purpose of the College of Art & Design Student Scholarship Fund is to create financial support for both undergraduate and graduate students in the disciplines of architecture, art, interior design, and landscape architecture and to graduate art history students in the MA in Art History program. In 2011, 37 percent of LSU students left school with debt averaging $20,337. We consider it a main priority to help relieve some of this burden.

Scholarship support plays a significant role in developing the college’s level of talent and opportunity. For the college to attract students of the highest caliber, our scholarship offerings need to be competitive among our peer institutions. Currently, students admitted to the college’s programs exceed the average test scores for entering undergraduates at LSU. This is an indication of each program’s strength within the university and the value others see in our efforts.

On average, 135 scholarships are awarded each year by the college. The national average cost of four-year institution tuition is steadily increasing. We must continue to increase our financial incentives to effectively recruit the very best students.

Gifts may be made to individual academic units including the schools of architecture, art, and landscape architecture, the interior design department, or to the College of Art & Design in general.

General Scholarship Fund

The general scholarship fund provides current use dollars, making it possible to provide immediate financial support to our students. A gift of any amount makes a difference in a student’s life.

Non-Endowed Scholarship or Award

A non-endowed scholarship or award is restricted in its use but may be spent in its entirety, either in the given year or subsequently, but only for the purpose specified by the donor.

Endowed Scholarship

An endowed scholarship provides the foundation from which we will build as your gift will live on in perpetuity and educate the future generations of design professionals and artists. A gift of $40,000 or more will establish an endowed scholarship.

Endowed Graduate Fellowship

An endowed graduate fellowship provides stipends to help attract top quality graduate students to study at LSU. The quality of current and future research is shaped not only by our faculty but also by the graduate students who pursue original research, scholarship, and artistic creativity as part of their education. A gift of $200,000 or more will establish an endowed graduate fellowship.

Endowed Student Award

An endowed student award may be used for the recognition of a student’s outstanding academic performance within the School of Architecture, the School of Art, the School of Interior Design, and the Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture. This award can be given under various contexts and is up to the discretion of the donor. A gift of $20,000 or more will establish an endowed student award.

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