Crafting the Heisman Campaign: Behind the Scenes with LSU Football and LSU School of Art


In the electrifying world of college football, certain moments transcend the field and become iconic campaigns. This year, LSU’s very own #5 quarterback, Jayden Daniels, has won the prestigious Heisman Trophy. But how do you capture the essence of a Heisman contender and create a story that leaves an indelible mark?

“At LSU, we have a tradition of excellence not only in athletics but also in the arts,” said Jerry Lockaby, School of Art/graphic design instructor. “When these two worlds collide, magic happens.”

LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels is the unanimous pick as Associated Press Southeastern Conference offensive player of 2023. Daniels, the 2023 Heisman Trophy winner, leads the nation in total offense. LSU conceived of a hype video to celebrate the player’s accomplishments.

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LSU College of Art & Design’s cutting-edge virtual production XR Studio served as the canvas for this unexpected video collaboration. This space, at the forefront of digital storytelling and virtual production, is “where innovation knows no bounds,” according to Jason Jamerson, assistant professor of digital art.

“A campaign like this is the result of many talented hands. Director of Football Video, Matt Tornquist, conceived and executed the core concept of the video. The collaboration was made possible by the strategic insight of LSU’s chief brand officer Cody Worsham, who recognized the potential in uniting athletics and art. Cody, along with LSU School of Art videographer BFA student Reagan Laird, played a pivotal role in making this partnership a reality. Jason Jamerson, assistant professor of digital art and an expert in virtual production and immersive media, contributed his expertise to the project, ensuring every frame radiated brilliance,” Lockaby said. Lockaby leads the LSU School of Art social media channels.

“This Heisman campaign is not just about football; it is about creativity, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence,” he said. “As we celebrate Jayden Daniels and his extraordinary journey, we also celebrate the spirit of teamwork, innovation, and the magic that happens when great minds unite. Witness the creativity behind the campaign in our behind-the-scenes video. And remember, it’s not just a campaign; it’s a testament to the limitless possibilities of collaboration.”

Watch the behind-the-scenes making of the video, by the LSU School of Art:


Credit and a special thanks to South Stadium Productions, the official creative team of LSU Sports. Their work can be explored at and their Emmy-nominated feature here.

Learn more about LSU School of Art’s digital art program here.