EQUIPPED: An Inside Look at Daniel Willson’s Studio

QuadWinter2015_Cover_WEBEnjoy this excerpt from the winter 2015 issue of Quad: The LSU College of Art & Design Magazine, coming to your doorstep in January 2015. Read Quad online at ISUUU.


Daniel Willson, BFA 2012/BID 2016


  1. I always have at least one hoodie in my studio. It gets cold up here during the hot months, and during the cold months it’s handy if I need to make a food or supply run outside of the building—and for when my girlfriend, who is majoring in landscape architecture, visits me in my studio.
  2. I use a small whiteboard for sketching out quick space-planning solutions or other design ideas. I photograph anything I like if I need to see it again.
  3. Pliers, steel wire, and glue are a few staples I use when creating models.
  4. I order samples of things I like even if I’m not using them for a project—who knows what you might need later?
  5. A T-square, a ruler, and a scale are all necessary drafting supplies.
  6. I recently received a BFA in sculpture and made these gears for a large sculpture installation that was part of my capstone project.
  7. I made this model and 3D print for a prototyping exercise in a components course this semester.
  8. I picked up this saxophone sculpture at the art market downtown. I like to keep images and artwork around my space to keep me inspired.
  9. I don’t like to rely too heavily on computer-generated images of spaces, so I use Prismacolor pencils, watercolors, drafting pencils, vellum, templates, and other supplies for renderings. Hand-drawn elements add a personal touch to presentations that can’t be replicated.
  10. I use my laptop for everything. I run design and 3D-modeling software as well as Microsoft Office Suite and other applications.
  11. General office supplies are nice to have around. You have to stay organized in this program or you’ll go nuts!
  12. I always have a Moleskine on my person or in my book sack. I use these pocket-sized gridded books in place of large sketchbooks. (Yes, I draw on the covers.)

Daniel Willson obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in sculpture and a minor in art history from the LSU School of Art in 2012. He is currently in the third year of the interior design program at LSU and expects to graduate in 2016 with the designation of Distinguished Communicator from the Communications across the Curriculum program. CxC is a unique academic excellence program that helps students refine communication skills specific to their chosen field of study. Upon graduating from LSU (again), Daniel plans to move to Houston, Texas, with his soon-to-be bride to live and work.

Photos by Brian Deppe, MFA photography candidate at LSU