LSU in China


Program Director, Jun Zou

Have you ever imagined exploring the culture and art of China? This is your chance to live it!

LSU in China allows you to develop a global perspective and approach to thinking and problem-solving. Through site visits, you’ll understand cultural differences, with emphasis on the typical regions of China. You’ll have the opportunity to work/mingle with local students to gain experience in art, architecture, interior design, and designing with an awareness of the planet and different cultural/social groups.

All of the planned excursions have been chosen to develop your understanding of Chinese culture through an economic, historical, social, and aesthetic perspective. You will visit cultural centers, history museums, aboriginal villages, and attend performing arts festivals and live performing arts events.

You’ve heard about China; you’ve been exposed to Chinese culture in movies, songs, and literature. This is your chance to experience Chinese culture for yourself!

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Available Courses:

ID 3759 Special Studies in Interior Design
ART 4020 Special Topics in Studio