Exchange Programs

College of Art + Design in Hunan, China


Program director: Jun Zou

To integrate LSU’s national and international flagship agenda, the College of Art & Design started an exchange program with the College of Architecture at Hunan University in Changsha, China. This exchange program aims to pursue and further international cooperation in research and education. In particular, this program fosters collaborations on three aspects:

  • organizing and performing joint research projects, academic seminars, and guest lectures;
  • arranging exchanges of faculty members, researchers, and students; and
  • exchanging scholarly materials, research reports, and publications.

Of particular interest are the areas of interior design, local cultural/historical preservation, sustainable design, architectural design, and environmental art.

The educational portion of the exchange is open to all students from the College of Art & Design interested in Chinese arts, culture, and language who wish to study and earn credits at Hunan University in China. Under the name of Yuelu Academy, this university was founded in 976 as one of the four most famous government sponsored academies in the Song Dynasty. Its traditional emphasis on civil engineering and architecture makes it one of the most reputable universities in the area. (The university’s architecture program was ranked #9 in China in 2012.)

For more information, visit the College of Architecture at Hunan University.