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“When I say artist I mean the one who is building things . . . some with a brush—some with a shovel—some choose a pen.” —Jackson Pollock

We at the College of Art & Design are committed to instilling our community with the values of creativity, discipline, and passion. As a part of a flagship institution, the college provides affordable, first-class art and design education to its students as well as adding to the cultural vitality of our state. As our students grow into skillful artists and designers, we are confident that they will be equipped with the tools to thrive in their careers and become contributing members of their communities. We invite you to be a part of our mission in educating the next generation of art and design professionals.

By making your mark on the College of Art & Design, you are supporting not just our students but also the goals of our faculty and administration in making the college a leading resource in the art and design community and professions.

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1860 Society

We graciously celebrate and recognize our members of the 1860 Society and their commitments to a bright future for the College of Art & Design. Membership in the LSU Foundation’s 1860 Society is awarded to anyone who submits documentation naming the LSU Foundation as a beneficiary in his or her estate.

William T. Arterburn
Thomas R. and Judith P. Betts
Jeffrey K. and Wendy W. Carbo
Robert L. Carpenter
Alma Beth Clark
Max Z. Conrad
Kurt and Gene Anne Culbertson
Matthew L. Edmonds
Carl D. Garlington Sr.
Dwight MacDonald
Paula G. Manship
Matthew S. and Katherine W. Mathes
Douglas P. Reed
Martha Taylor Richard
James and Patti Richards
Percy E. “Rebel” and Leigh A. Roberts
Michael D. Robinson and Donald Boutté
Linda Bliss Salisbury and John W. Salisbury Jr.
Alton and Hillery Scavo
Herbert Wilmer

Names in italics denote deceased members.