Our Donors

A Donor’s Story

Martha Richard and Eva Rodriguez

Thomas Byron Smith Memorial Scholarship recipient Eva Rodriguez meets Martha Richard in the Robert Reich Courtyard outside the Design Building.

Martha Richard never attended LSU, but she recognizes how the university has impacted her life. After her husband’s death, Richard began celebrating his birthday by giving to the Thomas Byron Smith Memorial Scholarship. The award is given to an upper class student studying architecture at LSU. “I want it to go to somebody who is committed to the program,” Richard shared. This year, which would have been Smith’s 70th birthday, Eva Rodriguez was named the scholarship recipient. Richard shared that establishing the scholarship is something she knows her late husband would have wanted. “Because of what LSU provided to him as far as income and improving his life, he accomplished so much.” Read more.

Our Donors

The College of Art & Design gratefully acknowledges the alumni & individuals and corporate sponsors who made gifts in support of our mission. Recognized below are gifts of $1,000 and above made by June 30, 2019.

$250,000 – $500,000

Jeffrey K. (BLA ’82) and Wendy P. (HS&E ’88) Carbo

Roger H. Ogden (BUS ’68) and Kenneth Barnes

$100,000 – $249,999

Louisiana CAT/Boyce Family

Emalie Boyce (LAW ’07)

James D. (BLA ’83) and Kim Burnett

Alton J. (BLA ’69) and Hillery Scavo

$50,000 – $99,999

Max Z. Conrad (BLA ’61)

Friends of Hilltop Arboretum, Inc.

$25,000 – $49,999

Winifred R. and Kevin Reilly

$10,000 – $24,999

Barbara R. and Mickey Freiberg

Robert S. Reich Sr. (H&SS ’74, LAW ’77) and Diane L. Reich

William A. (BLA ’76) and Ashley S. Reich

Elizabeth M. (BID ’72) and Newton B. Thomas (ENGR ’67)

Douglas P. Reed (BLA ‘78) and William G. Makris


William “Tary” Arterburn (BLA ’79)

$5,000 – $9,999

Bradley-Blewster & Associates

Carol “Lynn” Bradley, AIA (BArch ’71)

Winston “Carroll” Blewster Jr. (BArch ’78)

Coleman Partners Architects

Gary Gilbert (BArch ’81, BUS ’85)

Marvin “Buddy” Ragland Jr. (BArch ’80, HS&E ’80)

Dale Songy (BArch ’81)

René J. Fransen (BLA ’77) and Edward C. Bonin (SCI ’83)

Joseph W. (BLA ’86) and Susie W. Furr

Martha T. and Thomas E. Richard (H&SS ’72, JD ’75) in memory of Thomas Byron Smith (BArch ’68)

Nadine C. Russell (H&SS ’67)

Harry R. Sachse (LAW ’57)

Suzan A. (BID ’81) and Robert J. Tillotson (BUS ’85)

Tipton Associates

Kenneth W. Ti9pton Jr. (BArch ’81)

Trahan Architects APAC

Victor F. Trahan III, FAIA (BArch ’83)

Ronald G. Trageser Jr. (BLA ’90) and Jennifer N. Trageser

John G. Turner and Mr. Jerry G. (H&SS ’83) Fischer

Kenneth O. Miles

$1,000 – $4,999

Sally J. (AG ’75, MLA ’89) Banttari and Jack R. Banttari

Gerald J. (HSS ’69, MFA ’74) and Wanda Bower

Mark E. Boyer (MLA ’96)

Kenneth Brown Design, Inc.

Kenneth T. Brown (BID ’95)

Dana Brown Associates

Dana N. Brown (BLA ’79)

Elizabeth S. and Craig D. Campbell in honor of William A. Mumford (BLA ’82)

Ken and Mary A. Carpenter

Wanda M. (BLA ’84) and Donald A. Chase

Van L. (BLA ’72, MFA ’79) and Jan L. Cox

Robert T. (BArch ’70) and Billie M. Cunningham

Lake Douglas (BLA ’72) and Deborah A. Delahoussaye (HSS ’74, HS&E ’16)

Claire W. Hempel (BLA ’02)

Holly and Smith Architects, Inc.

Michael F. Holly

Jeffrey K. Smith

Imahara’s Landscape Company. Inc.

Walter Imahara

Brian J. Jacobus (BArch ’86)

LeBlanc Jones Landscape Architects

Keith P. LeBlanc (BLA ’79)


Steven T. Perret (MBA ’10, MS HSE&3 ’15, PhD HS&3 ’16)

Dr. Laura F. (HSS ’67, HSS ’69, HSS ’76) and Wendell G. (LAW ’65) Lindsay Jr.

Heather L. (BID ’95) and John C. Neyer

Dr. Neil G. (AG ’60) and Mrs. Rebekah L. (AG ’75, LAW ’90) Odenwald

Tim J. Orlando (BLA ’83)

Marvin “Buddy” (BArch ’80, HS&E ’80) and Lauren M. (BUS ’82) Ragland

James P. (BLA ’78) Richards Jr. and Patti L. (ENGR ’78) Richards

Seth M. Rodewald-Bates (MLA ’05)

Bradley L. (BArch ’96) Sanders and Nicole C. Sanders

Bruce G. and Nola C. (HS&E ’07) Sharky

Sprint Systems of Photography

Dr. John A. Thomas

Elizabeth F. Thomas (MLA ’89)