Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

lsu landscape architecture professor bruce sharky

The Bachelor of Landscape Architecture’s five-year, 159 credit-hour curriculum focuses on enhancing students’ knowledge of environment and structures while building their creativity through various design courses and lectures. The program is planned to allow students to explore their own ideas through collaboration as their knowledge and skills improve from course to course. Our small class environment provides for engaging studio critiques, class discussion, collaboration, and personalized lessons. With a rigorous curriculum centered on the design process and the studio environment, students are exposed to a setting that will prepare them for professional practice.

The Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) curriculum consists of discipline-specific courses and studios, electives, and required general education courses in the areas of English, analytical reasoning (math), arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Professional courses include design studios and lectures in landscape architecture, history, graphic representation, theory and methods, and construction. Elective coursework taken within the College of Art & Design complements the landscape architecture curriculum and allows students to explore other areas of special interest.

Students with questions about the curriculum should schedule an appointment with a counselor in Student Services.

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Admissions Process
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Curriculum