BLA Admissions Process

Prospective Students

Prospective students must first apply to the university. Entering first-year students who meet the university’s admission standards and declare landscape architecture as their major are admitted to the first two years of the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) program at the College of Art & Design. Landscape architecture majors must pass all required courses and all approved electives with a grade of “C” or better, or they will be required to repeat the course. In the BLA curriculum, sequential course progress is imperative. A student failing to complete any required course more than one year later than the time designated in the curriculum will be prohibited from advancement in the design studio sequence until the deficiency is corrected.

Selective Admissions

Landscape architecture students must undergo a scholastic and portfolio review prior to admission to the third year of study. Applicants will be evaluated in terms of academic achievement, portfolio of work, and design potential. Only 36 students are admitted to the upper level of the program each year.

Students who have completed the introductory courses required during the first two years of study and who have a minimum, overall GPA of 2.50 are eligible to apply for admission to the third year of the undergraduate program.

Transfer Students

Transfer students will be considered for admission to the BLA program and the beginning design courses on a space-available basis. Admission is competitive. Transfer credit for landscape architecture courses as substitutions for required courses in the school’s curriculum will be considered only if these courses have been taken as part of a landscape architecture program accredited by LAAB. Transfer students are also required to submit a portfolio for faculty evaluation.


Prospective or transfer students with questions about admissions or the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture curriculum may schedule an appointment with a counselor in Student Services.

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